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Super highdecker
a mezzanine special car
Super highdecker
a mezzanine salon bus
Super highdecker
a mezzanine bus
Skeleton salon bus
Skeleton bus
Medium sized bus
Medium salon bus
Small salon bus
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Seating list
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Car model Super highdeckera mezzanine salon bus
Ride capacity ‚T‚SiIclude 9 seats of supporting seatsj
Rear seat turn type
The equipment Karaoke/ TV/ Refrigerato/ DVD/ Video
water heater
Vehicle classification
on a highway
extra-large car
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Please utilize in portable expedient of the sightseeing tour whose number of people are many
Please inquire with ease

Ÿsightseeing bus company of Goshogawara-city Aomori japanŸ
Hokuto sightseeing bus

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